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I'm attempting to create a professional game engine, toolset and pipeline. I don't know how far I'll get but as I create stuff I'll put it here

The #1 reason I'm doing this is purely selfish. I've written 6 professional engines and toolsets so far but each time it's been as an employee. That means those engines and tools all belong to someone else and so for each new project I had to start from scratch. This time I'm an independent contractor so as I find the time my goal is to create this engine, libraries and toolset such that I never have to do it again.

Everything will be released under the NewBSD style license so you are free to use them anyway you see fit.

The only thing up so far is some debug libraries.

Use subversion to access them. If you are on Windows the easiest way is to install TortoiseSVN. Once installed, go to Windows Explorer, create a folder somewhere, right click the folder and from the popup menu pick "SVN Checkout..". In the dialog that appears, in the URL of Repository area type
then click OK.

If you can't install TortoiseSVN or if you are on some other OS then install Subversion. Once installed open a shell or command line, make a folder somewhere, CD to that folder, then type

svn co ggamesystem

Both TortoiseSVN and Subversion will work behind a proxy. For TortoiseSVN right click anywhere inside Windows Explorer. On the popup menu that appears pick "TortoiseSVN->Settings.." and you can set your proxy settings under the "Network" part of the settings. If you don't know your proxy settings check your browser's settings. For Subversion there are some instructions here.

You can download a zip file in the releases section but it is guaranteed to be old, missing features and without the latest bug fixes or docs.

Finally, the project page for these libraries are here.